Hi, my name is Deva Lei and I am happy to introduce my project to you.
As it becomes very obvious from the name "GLOBALSHARING" - it is
about sharing globally.
What can we share?
I share my vision and my experience, my presence and my heart,
my skills and inspiration.
I will never agree that people are born for sufferings and struggle.
I can see the beauty and playfulness in journeys of our lives.
We are really capable to discover anything we are longing for : freedom, love, wellness, abundance,
relations, friendship, business, leisure, creativity - the world around us is full of all possibilities !!!
We can be daring and brave, insisting and strong, rich and healthy,
ingenious and creative, peaceful and gentle - whatever you wish !!!
And it is great if you can

get all that you want - to be in the right place, with the right people around,
doing something that you love, sharing your assets and talents, inventing
something new for the common happiness and joy. And certainly you will be
able to get whatever you need in the right way in your own proper time.
This is our birth-right.
But what is happening to us, when having the understanding, the hope and goodwill, resources and
education, personal uniqueness and lots of skills, nevertheless sometimes we are caught in
something and it looks like that is "impossible to change", "the world is ugly", "it is my fate",
"nobody loves me", "life is useless", "I do not know who I am", "I want freedom, etc...".
Those are only "bad dreams" we tend sometimes to watch and be involved in. They come from
our past, from the unconscious, from the wrong approach to the great gift of life we have.
And yes, it can be changed to the opportunities, chances, realization, bliss, love...
That is my own experience and understanding.
We can go together to the space where everything becomes possible and real without
any limitations. We can live in harmony, peace, celebration !!!
That is what I am sharing with the world, with the people I love.
And for me it is sheer joy to be able to make input into the universal process of growing to
be more loving, happy, sincere, wealthy, healthy, compassionate, conscious, creative.
And then the next day you can become that one who moves it further, shares with somebody
else, creating the field of harmony on the Earth and in the whole Universe.


With LOVE,
Deva Lei