The GLOBAL SHARING PROJECT works as self-growing platform for the
sharing of  Love, Wisdom, Creativity, Compassion, Consciousness .
After you have got what you need for yourself, then you go further, continuing
this endless process of doing something good for people, the Earth, the Universe.
If just even a single person becomes more alive, joyful, blissful - then the
whole Universe feels that and gives total support to that brave one, who has
taken the risk to make this personal breakthrough in the search.
What will be your own unique way to spread all your potentiality?  For now nobody
knows. But if we dare to take the first step, then we are strong enough to take the second one,
then we are lucky to get the universal support and then we are creative to find out
what to do with all this freedom and happiness.

A few words about me.
My full name is  Devalei. For me it means - "The infinite divine flow of Cosmic creativity".
 I respect everything and everybody. I am strong enough to declare my freedom, my vision, my "Yes" and my "No".
I am the man of the World, I like to travel, to mix with people. I can see glimpses of divine in
each person I come across. I have dedicated many years to my inner search, to experimenting with my life, to do all crazy things one can imagine just for one reason - I have never wanted to be a part of the crowd, to be programmed by anybody, to be imprisoned by circumstances. I have my immense belief in freedom as the highest value and in miracles happening around us every moment - we have simply to be open, receptive, ready for the good changes to let the existence pour on us everything we wish.   Also I am a poet, painter, musician, singer,
song-writer, composer, free-style dancer, I give bodywork sessions, facilitating group processes,
giving individual sessions.
There were times when I was successful top-manager and then businessman more than 15 years ago.
I had everything a social man can imagine - family, children, business, money, respect, apartments, travels - only my soul somehow has been aching and nothing could do me really happy, I could not to find the harmony inside and outside.  But once I met a man, the real miracle-worker. He has helped me much in finding of my own unique
direction in my life and personal growth. He has ignited the desire to share with people all the best I have - my talents, gifts, insights, friendliness, creativity. And to inspire everyone to discover their own treasures and go on the Global Sharing. In my gratitude to him the only thing I can do is to dedicate my life to the Universal Sharing.
Meditation, Creativity and Compassion are the basis of my everyday activity. I use meditation to keep myself beyond any limitations and boundaries, to increase consciousness, to heal and nourish myself, to awake my creativity and love.
I have the higher education, I have studied and practiced more than 20 ancient and modern therapies. I am not go into details intentionally, not to be count as a specialist in some narrow area. If somebody wants to discuss this topic, please use the contact form of the site to ask your questions and I will answer you personally if it matters.
I have huge experience of working with people in the format of short sessions, where we can get the changes, which could take many years to happen otherwise. Also I facilitate group processes.
Let me sum this in one sentence - I deal only with something that can increase the Universal consciousnesses, compassion, creativity,
love, happiness and freedom.
In the frames of this internet project I can share my on-line sessions and also it is available for me to
come to any place to facilitate group processes.
Please go throw the range of sessions and groups available and feel free to ask or tell me anything through
the contact form.

What are the sessions about?
When you will go through all available sessions you can find something that resonates with you - with your
heart, your sole or your body. Something that gives you a pointer - that you will get there what you need now.
If it is not clear, I would advise the "Open session" where we can make the things better and go beyond
that space of doubts, hesitations, non-confidence, weakness, pain, blindness, despair.

In the session we create a certain space where everything stars to work by itself. We use awareness,
openness, presence, not-knowing. All that makes real miracles - you will get anything you need and
sometimes it is not necessarily that we will find a problem - the most important, that we initiate the
healing, regenerating, fresh movement of your energies in the synchronicity with the world.
We can do it using Skype, because that special space has no limitations in the time or in the distance.