Common Questions

- In which languages are sessions and groups available ? Are there any
limitations : age, gender, country, religion, etc.

- Now from my side online sessions are available in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. From your side you can use a translator if you speak another language. Also there are no limitations in countries, gender, religion. Age has to be old enough to be in accordance to your country laws - that you can be responsible for your actions. Children can get a session in the presence of a responsible adult.

- How can I choose a session or a course, which is right for me now ? 

    - Yes, I understand that maybe it is not so easy in the very beginning to choose exactly what you need. I would suggest that you just start from what feels right for you or looks like something, or sounds good - whatever you heart gives you as a pointer will be right. Sometimes I recommend to start with the "Open session" and during that session it is possible to get clarity about maybe something specific to be done if we need to go to details. We can start from any point - the main thing is not from where, but where to we are moving. Also it is possible to get short Free Interview with me using Skype (about 10-15 minutes) to help you to understand what you need from our work and maybe you need to see me and speak with me, before you decide to book a session or a course.

- I would like to meet you before I will book something :
    - Yes, it is possible for people I have never worked before with - we can arrange online meeting for the Free Interview. Usually it takes up to 10-15 minutes to get your clearance. Then you decide.

- If after the session I will need some assistance or support, are you available for that ?

    - Yes, I call it "follow-up communication". Would you have any questions or need for some support - I am available on my e-mail or mobile or Skype. It depends upon the situation you are going through. Usually, when you have booked a session, you will have extra possibilities to contact me after the session as much as you want through e-mail and/or you can get one follow-up Skype session (10-15 min.) free of charge. Mobile phone I use only in the cases which are bound to be emergency situations like strong addictions or suicide tendencies. If you need long-term personal communication I would suggest to book a course.

  - Is it all for free? How much? How can I pay? Can it be refunded if I am not happy with a session?

    It is charged. The profound point of this work is that one cannot accept anything if it is not paid for. For some Universal reasons one way sharing does not work. The second point is that I also need to cover all my expenses. Actually the charge is more symbolic than commercial - in the spirit of Global Sharing. The sum of 100 US Dollars per one session has been chosen to connect the sharing itself with the common sense and objective reality as they are. About the courses you can find the information in the courses pages. For the payment details please go to the Booking Page. I do much efforts in order to provide my best in a session, nevertheless if it goes that a person is not happy with a session or in the process we see something that can not be managed, I will refund the session cost. To minimize any misunderstanding for the people I work for the first time with, it is recommended that you use the Free Interview (10-15 minutes) and pay after, not before the session. Just one has to be aware that nothing will work if it is not paid for. For people who have already gotten sessions from me, I recommend to pay before the session, because the session starts to work in several moments - when you are interested in the session, when you decide to get it, when you pay for it - so it is better for you to be fully ready before the session starts.