This page presents all kinds of online sessions available :

This is the most popular session in which we can discover something
you maybe never have come to know consciously, something hidden that affects your life, something to be accepted and realized. You can have a particular matter to start with or a request or anything else - the space created works it out and really does miracles.

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In my approach to the channeling we become capable to get connected to the source of something you need - energy, resources, information etc. It is like to create a bridge, which
you can use for your purposes.

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Channeling Session

In this session the main point is that we work with a very deep unconscious space where lines on palms, stars and planets create "predetermination". We have to create the space in you which has choices free from any limitations. I call it "moving stars".

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Palm Reading Session

 Hypnosis and De-hypnosis Session
In this session we use verbal communication to change subjective reality we live in. Hypnosis can create a positive dynamic for a process for your best. De-hypnosis can destroy the very basement of the wrong reality.

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Hypnosis and De-hypnosis Session

Relating Session
This session has been created for those who want to build new relations or to harmonize existing  or maybe to get rid of useless relations in a proper way. Basically relations hold a huge part of a person's life and energy. We clean the space for the next step, upper level, new ways and forms of cooperating. This session is a part of Tantra.

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