All our limitations are just wrong "dreams" we have got used to see inside. And anything except for love is just fears. Fears from the past, from the unconscious, from the family, friends, the society, etc.  We can use online hypnosis session to change your inner reality, then the outer reality starts to change too. There are maybe wrong and useless identifications or memories, or traumas. We use creative approaches to heal your inner space through words. We will find out something interesting and we will create a new order for more harmonic and pleasant functioning of your system. It looks like a miracle - we do something and it really works forever. We do not impulse anything, otherwise we want the positive changes to be harmonic and efficient with your own unique style and speed.
       When I use the hypnosis session on-line it is possible for you to choose whether you would like to go to a deep trance, then you have to prepare a bed and record the session for the next use for you to make the result deeper and more powerful. Also you may want to be sitting and awake - that is also good - in that case it will be more like a conversation where suggestions will be told to you in the way they will work anyway.
       The basic thing we do in this session - we are taking out something unreal from you, that affects you to be happy and when the space is prepared we create the new reality - the best one for you.

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