This session has been created for those who want to build a new relation or to harmonize existing one or maybe to get rid of useless one in a proper way. Basically relations hold a huge part of a person's life and energy. They can be always fresh, inspiring and developing partners wisdom of life or they sometimes can be destroying each other uniqueness, freedom, respect, dignity. And there is the challenge for everybody to clarify one's desires, dreams, expectations, demands, needs, talents. Then to make it in tune with a partner's set. People unconsciously tend to take to the new relations much stuff from the conditioning of their past, education, experience, nationality, and who knows from where else. So in the process of the session we discover all the stuff around your special, intimate world of your heart and soul. We can see "assets" and "faults", "black" and "white", "duties" and "shoulds" - anything affecting the harmony and love, which are always there despite of your mind's opinion and your wound's voice. Love is the greatest discovery in the life - it is full of everything you could ever even imagine, but nevertheless it worth it. It gives you the ultimate depth and height. If you are capable to be open, loving, present, creative with your partner, then you can be in the same quality with every person in the world, with everybody. Now you include the whole existence. So this session is a very good choice for Tantra people, who are willing to discover the very essence of the universe, including everything, saying yes to all kinds of things. The session can give a direction, understanding, forgiveness. Tantra plus everyday cooperation can give the ultimate experience - when you are one not only with your partner, but you become one with the universe - in the east they call it - Mahamudra - the Universal orgasm. Cooperating together we can create miracles, make impossible possible, create heaven here and now and then share with people we love around us.
This session can be the fresh start for you whether you are single or with somebody.