Palm Reading Session

     The Palm Reading Session probably the most esoteric and mystical session I provide for now online. First, you have to understand the principle - how it works. From the ancient times people have used the palm-reading science (also known as palmistry and chiromancy) to discover something about one's past, present and future - all kinds of things are possible for that - health, family, business or work, relations, etc. And in the past a palm-reader used to give answers as a diagnosis or a prediction - and basically it was grounded on the reader's school opinion, there are many contradictions between different chiromancy schools and approaches. 

     As my more than 15 year experience in this area says - there are something completely different in this session, when I'm doing it. This approach has been used for centuries by masters in monasteries, who have created the very science of palm reading. I do not tell you all kind of stuff - I answer only in frame of your request. Then we go deeper to the reasons, causes, hidden things, etc. Also - I'm staying on the position that we have many variants of our destiny - so there is no need to narrow your choices by predicting to you something definite -  maybe you will get something better than even could ever imagine. So we deal more with dynamic, less with objects.

     As a result we have something I call as "stars in the space have changed their location for you in the best way possible". You also may get any kind of insights, realization, soul pain release and who knows what gifts from existence you will get - some of them you will see, another you have to discover later in your daily life, but they are always present. You will have a new "advanced" position in the existence with more freedom, love, compassion, possibilities, resources.

     This is really the space of wonder-working. I love this session very much and the results are really great!

     For this session you have to make digital photos of your both hands from the both sides and your face and your full-length photo and send to my e-mail after we have agreed the session, better 2-3 days before the session will happen. 

     So I'm happy to invite you to this interesting journey to your soul's center.

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